Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

I wake up hearing thunder in the distance. For a while I'm not sure what I'm hearing. There is no rain, and for several minutes there is thunder every few seconds. As I emerge from my tent I see a dark wall of clouds to the west. While I'm in the shower there is a huge downpour outside. Again I have to pack my tent wet. To make things worse, the ground is populated by hundreds of woodlice, which have gathered in clusters under the tent and the panniers. No idea how many of then I have packed together with the tent.

The route leads me through Cuxhaven, and a few kilometers along the river Elbe. Then the NSCR leads away from the coast, towards Stade. Stade is also my destination for today. I can't find any camping site near Stade on my map, but I find the Hotel Fischmarkt listed as a good place for cyclists.

During the day I get a migraine, which get worse during the afternoon. I am glad as I read Stade. My GPS leads me to the hotel, which is located in the historical center of the town. I am lucky and get a room. My bike is stowed away in the breakfast room. (It is still standing there, a bit out of place, during breakfast the next morning).

Day 91 - September 1: Duhnen - Stade



Distance: 88.86 km
Cycle time: 5:39 h
Average speed: 15.72 kmh
Total distance: 4806 km
© Thomas Stets
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