Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

The route today is similar to yesterday: flat landscape, dikes, sheep, gates, tailwind. Only today the weather is colder, always threatening to rain.

The North Sea Cycle Route runs through Delfzijl, around the Dollard Bay to Emden in Germany. I decide to take a shortcut: On four days a week a small ferry makes two crossings, taking pedestrians and cyclist from Delfzijl across the Dollard to Emden. The next crossing is on Wednesday, tomorrow. The BikeLine book specifies 8 a.m. as time for the first crossing, but I check the schedule in the Internet, and find the time has been changed to 1 p.m.

At Delfzijl the dirt track behind the dike used by the LF1b is closed due to construction on the dike. I try to ignore to the signs, but have to track back and find a way around.

In Delfzijl I get a room in the Eemshotel, which is built on stilts, standing beyond the dike in the wadden sea. Since I will be arriving in Emden after 2 p.m. I decide to stay there. Over the Internet I book a room in the Hotel Goldener Adler, which is mentioned in the BikeLine book as cyclist-friendly.

Day 85 - August 26: Lauwersoog - Delfzijl


Lauwersoog - Warffum - Eemsmond - Delfzijl


Distance: 76.27 km
Cycle time: 4:21 h
Average speed: 17.48 kmh
Total distance: 4410 km
© Thomas Stets
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