Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

The day is sunny, but the tent is still wet from dew as I pack it.

Until this morning I was undecided whether to take the ferry to Bergen, but I don't want to risk missing the ferry to Scotland. Shortly after 9 am I push my bike up the gangway to the catamaran. It will take me the 200km to Bergen in about 4 hours.

The boat is a passenger ferry, though there is room for a few bicycles on the afterdeck. On the gangway everyone has to specify his name and destination (the boat makes half a dozen stops on the way to Bergen) into a voice recorder. No idea what this is for, but at least they handle the bureaucracy with litte hassle, and hi-tech. :-) Tickets for the ride are sold on board.

On the inside the boat looks like a large airplane: rows of seats, with two aisles. I find a window seat, and keep my GPS recording the track. It shows a speed of just over 60 km/h.

I spend the journey looking out the window, and reading. The boat arrives on time in Bergen. As I push my bike back on shore it is crusted with salt: Sitting on the afterdeck is has been covered in sea spray.

Bergen is sunny, and full of tourists. For a while I push my bike aimlessly through the crowds, looking for a tourist information office. After I while I google the address on my mobile phone. (No idea how people survived without constant internet access...)

There is a camping site somewhere outside Bergen, but I want to stay near the center. The tourist information books a (rather expensive) hotel room for me, just 3km from the harbour. It takes me 10 minutes to get there on my bike.

After storing all my baggage in my room, and taking a shower I ride back into the centre and explore the town.

Day 53 - July 25th: Stavanger - Bergen (by ferry)


Distance: 17.72 km
© Thomas Stets
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