Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

The area south-west of Stavanger is flat, and reminds me of Denmark. Only a few kilometers east the mountains begin again, but here at the coast there are hardly any hills.

The day is sunny. Around 4 p.m. I reach Sandnes. I ride to the sporting goods store that the Hilleberg web site mentioned as a Hilleberg dealer. I find it without problems, and buy a Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT. Again a tunnel tent, but a bit more expensive and, i hope, more durable than the the previous two tents. I leave my "old" tent at the store.

I follow the main road to Stavanger. The North Sea Cycle Route runs further west, and I don't want to waste time finding a nice cycle route for the last few kilometers. The road takes me to the harbour area of Stavanger. Here they seem to be preparing for a festival. Dozens of white tents in the harbour, but everything is still closed.

From the harbour I make my way to the camping site. The Stavanger camping site is located in a park by a lake within the city itself. It is not fenced in, and people strolling in the park are walking directly by or through the camping site.

The site is rather full, and it is not easy to find a nice, flat spot for the tent.

The new tent makes a very good impression. The tent poles are thicker, and pre-bent. I hope this is the last tent I have to buy on this trip...

Sometimes during the last few days I must have pulled a muscle in my left leg. It is hardly noticeable when I ride my bike, but as I get off my bike today I can hardly walk. Tomorrow I have to take a rest day, anyway. If the leg hasn't improved by then I might have to stay a few days, and get to Bergen by ferry. I'll have to check whether they take bicycles.

Day 49 - July 21th: Ogna - Stavanger


Ogna - Sandnes - Stavanger


Distance: 77.69 km
Cycle time: 4:54 h
Average speed: 15.84 kmh
Hight difference: 563 m
Total distance: 2872 km
© Thomas Stets
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