Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

My first rest day. My plan is to ride five days out of seven, with an average of 100km per day, or 500kmper week. This is my first rest day. I made 500 km on the first five days, so I'm well within my schedule.

The campsite at Husum has a recreation room with TV, a Ping-Pong table and a Billiard table. But much more important for me: with tables, chairs and electrical outlets. So I get out of the sun, plug in everything that has to be re-charged, and update my travel blog.

Around noon I walk down to the beach - a public beach with the ubiquitous beach chairs. However, the sea is nowhere to be seen. It is expected to return later in the afternoon. The children don't seem to mind, they are playing in the mud.

I had planned to do some sightseeing in Husum during the day, but it is too hot, and I am much to lazy. I stay near my tent, reading.

In the evening I return to the beach. This time the sea is there, too.

Day 5 - June 7th: Rest day in Husum

© Thomas Stets
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