Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

In the morning I once again wake up to the sound of rain on my tent. I have used up a lot of rest days lately, nevertheless, I decide to stay here for another two nights. I need more maps, and I want a better sleeping pad than the one I bought yesterday. I also like Göteborg and want to do some sightseeing.

Using the web browser on my phone I find an outdoor shop (OK, that's what I have to look for, not a camping shop!) in Göteborg. The rain is not too strong, so I ride the 10 kilometers into the city center. Murphy's law: Of course it starts to pour once I'm away from the camping site. I wait a few minutes in a bus shelter for the worst to pass.

I find the shop - Naturkompaniet - in the pedestrian area. And this is finally what I have been looking for all the time. They have a great selection of sleeping pads. I buy a self-inflating one from Therm-a-rest, a similar to the one I destroyed. They also have the "Trekker chair", which converts the sleeping pad into a seat. I had seen this thing in use in Husum (Day 5 of my journey), and wanted it ever since. Now I can finally sit comfortable beside or in my tent!

I ask bout the broken tent pole. They don't carry Wechsel tents, but he tells me to bring the pole in, and they will try to repair it.

I ride around Göteborg for a while, checking a few book stores for better maps, but I can't find anything decent.

Day 24 - June 26rd: Göteborg (Gothenburg)


Distance: 27.49 km
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