Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

It takes me a while to find someone who I can pay for my stay. When I finally find him, I am charged such a low amount, that I assume I'm only charged for one night.

My first destination is the post office located in the supermarket. Here I send home all the stuff I have sorted out yesterday. My luggage is now 2.6 kg lighter.

The landscape it getting more hilly, but I have less problems with the hills than the day before yesterday. Am I getting fitter, or is it the reduced weight of the luggage?

The longest ascent today has a height difference of 130m. I assume, there will be worse to come on my way towards Bergen.

In Porsgrunn I somehow take a wrong turn, and make a detour of several kilometers. The day begins sunny, but towards the afternoons it gets more cloudy and it starts to rain. After about 80 km I end the day at the nearest camping site.

The camping site at Rognstranda is at an interesting geological place. Here two different geological rock formation come together, one making up the low, scrubbed-by-ice rocks along the bay, the other being represented by the cliff towering above the camping site. (I can't remember the details, but they are explained on some info boards near the camping site.)

Day 33 - July 5th: Sandefjord - Rognstranda


Sandefjord - Larvik - Porsgrunn - Bamble - Rognstranda


Distance: 78.61 km
Cycle time: 5:11 h
Average speed: 15.31 kmh
Hight difference: 997 m
Total distance: 2214 km
© Thomas Stets
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