Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

The weather reinforces my decision to leave Scotland: it is pouring.

The ferry leaves Rosyth at 5 p.m., check-in is at 3 p.m. Since Rosyth is just about 20km away, I'm in no hurry. I take my time packing, and leave the camping site around noon. By now it has cleared up a bit.

Shortly before I start I discover that one screw holding the cleat of my right shoe is missing. I dismiss the problem, thinking it will work with one screw until I find a bicycle shop to get it repaired. I only discover the extend of the problem once I'm underway: To detach the shoe from the pedal I have to twist it slightly. Since the cleat is now only held in place by one screw, it doesn't turn with the shoe: I can't detach my right foot!

I postpone the problem by ignoring it for a while. As long as I'm in motion I won't have to detach the shoe... Of course, after a few kilometers comes the time when I have to stop. I nearly topple over. After some twisting and turning I finally get my shoe out. I continue the ride, being careful not to click the shoe into the pedal.

I make it to Rosyth without getting too wet, only one small rain shower. As I wait for check-in, luckily under a roof, it begins to pour. I spend the time until boarding talking with some cyclists from Germany and Belgium.

Once on board I try to find the "airline style seats". Not many of them are booked, it seems. I leave my luggage there and make my way to the reception to inquire about a cabin. They tell me to come back 30 minutes after departure, once they know which cabins are free. I spend the time exploring she ship. As we finally leave the harbour is starts raining again. I manage to get a nice photo of the Forth Bridge through the rain.

Half an hour later I am back at the reception. It turns out I can have a cabin, though it's rather expensive. I buy the upgrade and lug my luggage a few stairs up. It's an inner cabin, no window.

I don't have much provisions left, so in the evening I decide to try the buffet restaurant. Here I unexpectedly meet an co-worker, who is returning with his wife from a motorbike tour through Scotland.

Day 78 - August 19: Edinburgh - Rosyth


Edinburgh - Rosyth


Distance: 19.75 km
Cycle time: 1:21 h
Average speed: 14.6 kmh
Total distance: 3846 km
© Thomas Stets
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