Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

Renting a cabin was a great idea, the night would have been uncomfortable with all the wet stuff in a tent. The day promises to be more sunny, so I put my clothes outside to dry.

As I want to mount my bike to do some shopping, I discover that the chain is shiny, with a little bit of rust starting in some places. The heavy rain yesterday seems to have washed away all the oil. A little emergency bike maintenance is needed.

I wanted to repair the broken tent pole with the pieces left over from the pole I replaced in Göteborg. However, all pieces that I have are too short to replace the broken one. Among the spare parts I got in Göteborg is another repair sleeve, so I could survive another break. But I'm thinking about replacing the tent with a better one.

Day 36 - July 8th: Arendal

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