Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

In the morning I book the ticket for the ferry from Bergen to Scrabster in Scotland. Not an easy task: online booking is not possible at the time, they also won't make bookings by telephone. Email or fax is OK, payment only by bank transfer.

I call the office of Smyril lines in Kiel, to check whether there are any free places. Then I send a booking request by email, asking for the ticket to be deposited in Bergen. After that I wait for the email with the invoice, which arrives within a short time. I try to read pdf file with the invoice on my mobile phone. It can't really handle pdf, so it displays the file as text. Looks a bit funny, but after a while I can make out the amount and the bank connection. Transferring the money with the phone is no problem. If everything works OK the ticket will be waiting for me when I arrive in Bergen.

At noon I ride into the city centre. The festival is on, all stalls are open. No idea what the occasion, but there are lots of good things to eat! :-)

My pulled muscle has improved a bit, but I still have some problems. It is about 200 to 250 km to Bergen. That should be possible to make in three days, but if the muscle gets worse on the way I might have a problem reaching the ferry in time.

There is a high speed catamaran ferry from Stavanger to Bergen, which would take me there in about 4 hours. I think I'll take that route. The best connection is 9:30 a.m. from Stavanger, arriving in Bergen at 1:50 p.m.

Day 51 - July 23rd: Stavanger


Distance: 27.74 km
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