Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

This is my last day in Denmark. The day promises to be rainy again. Luckily I won't have it far to Grenaa. From there I will take the ferry to Varberg in Sweden. There are two ferries leaving every day: one at 2:30 p.m., and one at 1 a.m. I plan to take my time, spend the afternoon and evening in Grenaa, and take the night ferry to Varberg.

I don't have a cycle map for the last few kilometers to Grenaa, and the day before yesterday I left the cycle route to get to the camping site. Instead of trying to find the cycle route again I decide to just follow the road signs to Grenaa. This means riding on highways all the time, but might get me there faster than the more scenic cycle route.

However, a few kilometers down the route I see a sign for the cycle route 5, which I had been following. I decide to use the cycle route again.

I get into rain showers a few times, but decide against changing into my rain gear. My soft shell jacket might not be waterproof, but it it dries fast, and is much more comfortable to ride in than the Goretex jacket.

Despite not hurrying too much I arrive in Grenaa at 1 p.m., and I still can get a ticket for the afternoon ferry. I book a cabin so I can recharge some batteries and do some laundry on the way.

The weather is calm as we are leaving Grenaa, but out on the sea it quickly get very windy. I am starting to get seasick, so I lie down in my cabin and read for the remainder of the crossing.

We arrive in Varberg at around 7 p.m. The first thing I see as I leave the harbour is a sign telling me which cycle route to follow for the North Sea Cycle Route. It is still very windy. I have no cycle maps for sweden yet. I spot an information board with a city map and look for the nearest camping site. There is one on a peninsula to the north-west of Varberg.

I can hardly make 10 km/h against the wind. I'd rather not pitch the tent with the broken pole in a weather like that! As I arrive at the camping site I am lucky, I can book a cabin for two nights. I'll take a rest day tomorrow to get some swedish money, buy some maps, and do some sightseeing in Varberg.

Day 21 - June 23th: Rygård Strand to Grenaa and Varberg


Rygård Strand - Bønnerup Strand - Grenaa - Varberg (S)


Distance: 48.37 km
Cycle time: 2:44 h
Average speed: 17.66 kmh
Total distance: 1504 km
© Thomas Stets
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