Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

Some time during the night the tent pole broke again. This tent was definitely a mis-purchase. On my phone I google for Hilleberg dealers. There is one in Sanders, just south of Stavanger. I should be able to get there tomorrow. I just have to figure out how to spend the next night.

The route is much less hilly today. The highest point today is about 140m, but part of the route uses the old post road which has some rather steep dirt tracks. At one point there is a nice downhill part, followed by a steep ascent. Ideal for gathering momentum on the descent, to help getting up the hill - except that they built a gate right at the bottom, so that you have to stop and open the gate... (see the 5th picture in today's gallery)

The weather is dry today, even sunny at times. In the afternoon black clouds are gathering in the north, towards Stavanger. When the cycle route runs through the middle of a camping site in the early afternoon I just decide to stay and rent a cabin for the night. That way I don't have to worry about my broken tent. It is only 50km or so to Stavanger, where I plan to stay a day or two.

Day 48 - July 20th: Hauge - Ogna


Hauge - - Ogna


Distance: 49.49 km
Cycle time: 3:33 h
Average speed: 13.93 kmh
Hight difference: 656 m
Total distance: 2794 km
© Thomas Stets
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