Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

In the morning I call Pedalør to order the replacement guidance wheel. I'm told that it will be sent out the same day. He also tells me about a good bicycle shop in Kristiansand where I can have my gear shifting wire replaced.

I ride the 10 km or so into Kristiansand. With the help of my GPS I find the cycle shop without problems. The replacement of the wire is no problem. If you have bicycle problems in Kristiansand, you are in good hands at Sykkelsenter.

After a little bit of sightseeing in Kristiansand I make my way back to the camping site.

In the evening I eat in a fast-food restaurant near the camping site. Here I have free Internet access, so I can update my blog. One problem, though: there are no electrical outlets at the tables, ant the battery of my net book it getting low. At least I can complete the blog texts. I'll have to upload the pictures some other time.

Day 38 - July 9th: Hamresanden, Kristiansand


Distance: 26.26 km
Height difference: 344 m
© Thomas Stets
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