Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

I decide to stay in Strömstad today. I need some time to do laundry, and I want to explore the town.

Strömstad is a nice little harbour town, has a nice marina right in the center, and a ferry connection to Sandefjord in Norway. I walk from the camping site into the town. Lots of tourists, a ferry has just arrived, and the passengers are swarming into town. I walk around the marina and the harbour area.

I find a supermarket, and do some shopping. While lugging the shopping bag back to the camping site I regret that I didn't take my bike.

In the afternoon I explore the area south of the camping site. Here is a nice bay or fjord, and from the top of the rocky ridge you have a great view on the small islands surrounding Strömstad.

Day 29 - July 1st: Strömstad

© Thomas Stets
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