Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

Today I meet with a friend I have so far only known virtually in an online role playing game. He drives me around the harbour and shows me some interesting places.

In the afternoon I want to visit some museums. On the way to the Marinemuseum I feel a slight wobble in the rear wheel. A short inspection shows a tear in the tire, already a few centimeters long. That should be fixed as soon as possible, since it is Saturday, and the shops won't be open for long. If I can't fix it today, I'd have to wait for Monday before I could continue on my journey.

I ask a taxi driver for directions to a bicycle shop. I get there just in time, the owner was just about to close. I buy a tire and ride back the the hotel to change it. The damaged tire is the one I bought just 1000 km ago in Scotland. The previous one (Conti Contact) had no problems over 7000 km. Bad quality or just bad luck?

After the bicycle is repaired I cycle back to the Marinemuseum. They have some kind of festival today, and the entry is cheaper. Since it is already getting late, I ignore the exhibition rooms and explore the ships and boats. Most interesting is a post-WWII german U-Boot.

Day 89 - August 30: Wilhelmshaven


Distance: 27.97 km
© Thomas Stets
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