Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

It had rained during the night, I have to pack my tent wet, again. The day is cloudy, it looks like rain. I am making good progress, but take some time to visit two tourist locations:

Shortly after leaving Inverness I come to the battlefield of Culloden. Here a deceicive battle between the Jacobites and troops of the english crown took place in 1746. A Museum commemorates the battle and explains the political background.

In the afternoon I pass Brodie Castle. I attend a guided tour through the castle, where a bearded, clad in traditional scottish clothes ... Australian explains the colourful history of the castle, and the living conditions in these days.

Due to these delays, and the rain that starts in the late afternoon, I decide to spend the night in Elgin. However, at the only camping site I am rather rudely turned away. Luckily there is a hotel right across the road, where I am greeted friendly.

I drag my bags into my room, and try to dry a few things. One or two of the bags are starting to smell a bit musty. I've been traveling in wet weather for some days now.

The hotel has WiFi, so I can update my travel blog. I have to stop after a while, though, since the battery of me EeePC is running empty, and I still don't have a adapter for the british mains. In the bathroom I find a electrical outlet that accepts 'continental' plugs, but it is intended for razors only, and its fuse can't handle the load of the EeePC. But at least I can charge my mobile phone and the battery of the SunBag, which hasn't seen any sun for a while.

Day 63 - August 4th: Inverness - Elgin


Inverness - Culloden - Naim - Elgin


Distance: 87.68 km
Cycle time: 5:10 h
Average speed: 16.96 kmh
Height difference: 648 m
Total distance: 3405 km
© Thomas Stets
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