Around the Pond: 5000 km on the North Sea Cycle Route

This day promises to be sunny. I'm better again, which is good, since now I'm reaching the first fjords.

The first few kilometers it is still flat. I make a short stop in Borhaug to buy provisions for the day. Shortly after it goes uphill to a height of about 230m, mostly on dirt roads. On this road I get into a conversation with a doctor from Oslo, whose family still lives here. We talk for maybe half an hour, in a mixture of german and english. During this time two acquaintances of his pass by, both already know me from the paper. :-)

The route leads along a fjord at a height of about 200m. I need to get to the other side. The shortest way would be the newly built bridge of the E39 motorway, but this is closed for bicycles and pedestrians. So I have to take the long way to the end of the fjord, down to sea level, and the back along the northern side, and up again.

My destination for today is Svindland Camping, located at a small lake. I manage to get one of the last cabins available - without water or electricity, but more comfortable then the tent - especially since the weather is already getting worse.

At about the same time a german (motor) biker arrives, a teacher from Minden. While the weather is still good we sit together at the lake and talk.

Day 46 - July 18th: Farsund - Svindland


Farsund - Borhaug - Jølle - Kvinesdal - Øye - Svindland


Distance: 70.85 km
Cycle time: 4:46 h
Average speed: 14.88 kmh
Hight difference: 1070 m
Total distance: 2688 km
© Thomas Stets
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